Yo, I'm Morgan. 21. Las Vegas. I blog about a lot of things. Video games, tv shows, anime, manga, music, other things, personal stuff, feminism, etc. I write things sometimes. Hope you enjoy. :)  Titans Attacking


chellodello replied to your post: can someone draw me a chibi picture of me with…

I can do that! I haven’t arted in a while, and I like chibi-style. Can I do it tomorrow though? I gots to go to bed for work.



Let me know what you would like in return, please.

Except money.

I have none of that.

I can give you air from my lungs.

Or pie.

Or a piece of writing.

Maybe your own politically motivated ship that can catch like wildfire. (I hear that Henry VIII is still looking for another wife. Always looking…)

Just let me know.

We can share details tomorrow.

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